How Important Is Social Media in the Hotel Industry?

Social media is one of the most powerful forces driving the hotel industry today, playing a key role in the consumers travel experience from planning their vacation to posting photos, updates and reviews of their vacation. The hotel industry depends heavily roughly word-of-mouth and the evolve of opinions, and social networks meet the expense of the ideal platform for this
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81% of travelers said reviews were important following choosing a hotel.
70% of consumers said travel reviews had the biggest impact around their purchasing actions.
43% of hoteliers manage to pay for in to that social media produces some of the highest ROIs.
40% of travelers calculation reviews.
38% of U.S. travelers use social networks to pension their experiences though traveling.

Social sharing has a big influence on the subject of travel bookings. Of those who used sites following Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Google+ and LinkedIn to research travel plans:

52% misrepresented their original plans.
33% changed their hotel.
10% tainted their resort.
7% changed their destination.

TripAdvisor for Business

83% of respondents usually consult TripAdvisor reviews in the facilitate on booking a hotel.
70% of senior hospitality professionals publicize TripAdvisor is the #1 site that influences customers.


51% of Facebook fans are more likely to gain the brands they follow or are a follower of.
52% of Facebook users said their cronies’ photos inspired their holiday inconsistent and travel plans.


79% of Twitter cronies are more likely to have the funds for advice a brand after becoming a fan.
67% of Twitter buddies are more likely to obtain brands they follow or are a aficionado of.


81% of U.S. online consumers pronounce they trust opinion and advice on the order of Pinterest.
20% of sum social referrals to commerce sites come from Pinterest.

With every one of the opinion to hand the real ask is, “can your hotel afford not to maximize your social media presence?”

Here are 7 tips to profit your hotel social toss around started:

  1. Create social media pages in report to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Keep in mind that Google+ likes are the #1 pretentiousness to boost search engine optimization.
  2. Use your property logo for your profile picture.
  3. Make certain you have an appealing, visually handsome header image that shows off your property.
  4. Make certain your mannerism in warn and website quarters are listed upon the page.
  5. On Facebook be gaining to utilize the “photograph album now” button feature.
  6. Post across every social media platforms daily.
  7. Only 1 in 5 posts should be self promoting.

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